Retta leasing agency – leasing a property with the help of a professional

Retta leasing agency makes it easy to find a good tenant. You save time and effort by leaving the entire leasing process, including advertisements and viewings, in the hands of a professional. The tenant is also happy when the lease agreement is drawn up by a trusted and knowledgeable party.


More than 13,000 leases a year



70,000 website visitors per month



Thousands of tenancy applications every month


Visibility for your property and a proactive leasing process

You can leave the leasing process entirely to a professional. Since potential tenants now have choice on the housing market, many are viewing a number of properties before choosing. It takes time to lease a property by yourself, and it often requires arranging many viewings alongside running your own everyday life. A leasing agent is an easy option: after the assignment has been made, we only need a key to the property for viewings from you.

You choose your tenant from among good candidates. Successful tenant selection takes work. The trained eye of a professional, as well as well-honed processes guarantee that you will get an honest and reliable tenant.

We determine the rent with expert precision. This is how we ensure that there is demand for your property, and you get a good return on it. Determining the rent according to the market situation is important for arousing interest among potential tenants. Retta’s broad view not only of privately leased apartments, but also of the activities of large investors, and the housing market in general helps set the price right.

We know the laws governing residential leasing. Tenants also appreciate dealing with a well-known agent who guarantees that the lease agreement complies with current terms and conditions.

Your property will appear in media where tenants look for rental homes. We advertise the properties we lease on the largest housing portals and on our own active website.

We also react promptly if there is little interest in the property. Your property will not be waiting in vain for a tenant, but we will work actively to find a tenant and negotiate with you on the next steps if there do not seem to be any applicants.

The agent will also support you during the tenancy. You can also contact us after the lease agreement has been concluded. If necessary, we can offer advice on tenancy management, rent review, the equipment level of the property, and tax deductions, for example.


Retta’s commission for leasing agency is 1.24 times one month’s rent (incl. VAT 24%) and any document costs. The commission, including VAT, is fully tax deductible. 


Above all, working with a leasing agent is safe and worry-free for the landlord. Private landlords who set out to rent their properties themselves need to work quite hard today. Due to the large number of rental properties on offer, a few viewings may need to be organised before a suitable tenant is found. Outsourcing the service to a professional saves time, and the risk of unsuccessful leases is reduced, because the agent is able to ask the potential tenants the right questions.
Riitta Parviainen, Head of Unit


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