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Retta leasing agency is an easy and safe way to lease your property. We take care of the leasing process for you from start to finish, with decades of experience. We keep an eye on the development of the rental housing market and get to know the applicants for your property carefully so we can find a good long-term tenant and generate an optimal level of rental income for you.


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An expert leasing agent finds reliable tenants and guarantees that the rent is right

Professional Retta leasing agents will find a reliable tenant for your property. Trained and experienced Retta leasing agents know the right questions to ask of applicants for rental properties and conduct thorough background checks.  The trained eye of a professional combined with well-functioning processes ensures that you can safely entrust your investment property to your new tenant. In addition to long-term experts, we also have long-term clients. This means we actually personally know good tenants who are looking for a new home.

We know the rental housing market and residential areas nationwide. Our experience of the rental markets in cities around the country helps us determine the right rent for your property, which is one of the most important factors influencing the demand for a property. We also closely monitor regional developments and are able to anticipate how the demand for rental housing will change in the coming years. 

As Finland’s largest leasing agency, we are a well-known player among tenants. Our website has 70,000 visitors, and we receive thousands of applications for rental housing every month. We also advertise rental properties on all major housing portals.

We offer a personalised service both to you as the landlord and to applicants for rental properties. You will be served by the same designated expert, and it is also easy for applicants to contact us. We do not organise mass viewings where we would not be able to get to know the potential tenants. We will also quickly contact potential tenants who have submitted online applications. This speeds up the leasing process of your property and the prospective tenant is satisfied with the service – which is a big advantage, as tenants now have a choice.

“The long experience of our leasing agency experts has resulted in solid understanding of the business and property investments. They will determine the rental level for your property with the confidence of a professional and will only offer you tenants who they would be happy to lease their own property to. We strive for a good long-term deal for all parties.”
Eeva Panttila, Head of Unit

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