Customer register

Customer register according to the Section 10 of the Customer Data Act (523/1999)

The owner of the register

RETTA Group Oy
Valimotie 17–19, 00380 Helsinki

Parts of the register are maintained by the companies belonging to Retta Group Oy.

Person responsible for the register

Questions related to the customer register can be sent to Tarja Leino will answer to any questions.

Name of the register

Retta Group Oy’s customer register

The meaning of processing customer data

The meaning of processing customer data is to care, manage, develop and analyze the customer relationship as well as customer communications which can be produced also online. Furthermore the meaning is also to realize the rights and responsibilities of Retta Group and its companies as well as the rights and responsibilities of the customer. Also the meaning is the processing of customer data for online service purposes and researches, according to the Customer Data Act. Furthermore customer data is used in the marketing of the register owner and the companies belonging to the register owner. This includes also direct marketing which can be executed online as well.

Register's data content

Proper customer relationship –based connection with the register holder is made for example; when an order is made by the customer to Retta Group or to the companies part of it, when a customer is a part of a sale made or another contract which are related to the order made to the companies mentioned above or when it otherwise benefits the services of the prior mentioned companies.

Register can contain for example the following information:

The first- and last name of the customer, address, phone number, email address, date of birth or social security number; if the personalization of the customer is important for the rights and responsibilities of the customer or the register holder, sex, mother tongue, information about marketing permissions and denials, purchase and visiting information in different channels, regular customer information and other corresponding grouping information, user ID and password, alternative shipping address, information about product reviews, information related to marketing campaigns, participation and newsletter order related information.

Approved information sources

Customer’s own notice, customer’s buying- or visiting information in the information systems of Retta Group and its companies, companies and officials offering services related to customer data such as the Päivityspalvelu by Population Register Centre and the register by Suomen Asiakastieto Oy.

Approved data release

The register owner does not release customer data to outside parties unless required by law or required in certain services of Retta Group or the companies part of Retta Group at the time or in matters related to debt collection. Personal information is not transferred outside EU or ETA unless it is necessary for executing the handling of technical information.

Deleting information

Information can be deleted by the customer’s request. Furthermore information may have to be deleted as a result of monitoring, provided that the customer is misusing the service or is involved in criminal activity with the help of the service etc.

Principals of protecting privacy

Personal data is kept confidential. The devices and internet of the register owner’s admin is protected with a fire wall and other technical measures.

Inspection- correction- and denial -right

Customer has the right to inspect the information saved of him/her in the customer register. Inspection request must be sent in writing and signed to the person in charge of the register. The person in charge of the register will answer to the requests in writing.

Should there be any mistakes in the customer data the customer can present a request to correct the mistake.

The customer has the right to deny the release and use of his/her information for direct marketing, distance selling and other direct marketing.